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Air Water Extinguishers


Air Water Extinguishers are economical and environmentally friendly and provide protection against Class (A) Type fires.


Fire extinguishers are made to fight different types of fires. In the case of flammable solids such as paper, wood, rubber or plastic, Air-Water Fire extinguishers are an economical and environmentally friendly option.


Air-Water extinguishers are easy to maintain and provide maximum effectiveness for minimum cost. The Air-Water extinguishers are perfect for the office and home especially in environments where class A type fire are more likely to occur.


Features of Air-Water extinguishers include:


> Air Water extinguishers are rechargeable

> All metal nozzle and valves and steel cylinder

> Easy maintenance and low cost

> Effective on  wide range of class A fires

> Highly portable

> Environmentally friendly with no Ozone Depletion Potential or  EPA restrictions



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water extinguisher

Dry Powder Extinguishers


Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical Powder available in 1.0Kg, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 4.5kg and 9.0kg capacities. All dry chemical extinguishers give maximum performance, especially on highly flammable fires. They can also be used on live electrical equipment. These extinguishers contain NO CFC's and are rechargeable on site.


Features of dry powder extinguishers include:


> All metal nozzle and valves and steel cylinder

> Easy maintenance and low cost

> Effective on wide range of class A fires

> Highly portable


Multi-Purpose ABE powder is a versatile agent which is used to extinguish class A (Carbonaceous) fires achieved by sealing embers, it is also used on class B (Flammable Liquid) fires and class E (Electrical) fires. The ABE powder extinguishers are approved by AUSTRALIAN STANDARD to AS1841.5


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Dry chemical Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers


Carbon Dioxide (CO²) Fire Extinguishers

CO2 available in  2.0kg, 3.5kg & 5.0kg, all CO2 Extinguishers give maximum performance especially on Electrically Energized Fires these extinguisher contain NO CFCs and are rechargeable.


Features of carbon dioxide extinguishers include:


> All metal valves and steel cylinder

> Easy maintenance and low cost

> Effective on wide range of fires

> Highly portable



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C02 Extinguisher

Foam Extinguishers


Foam Fire Extinguishers

Foam Extinguishers are suitable for either Class A, (combustible materials) and class B, (flammable liquid) fires. Giving a good flame knock-down, the foam extinguisher retains the features to both extinguish the risk & secure the hazard.


Features of foam extinguishers include:


> Foam Extinguishers are rechargeable

> All metal nozzle and valves and steel cylinder

> Easy maintenance and low cost

> Effective on wide range of class A fires

> Highly portable



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Foam Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Extinguishers


Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Wet Chemical Extinguishers are a special purpose designed extinguisher, specifically for use in kitchens and restaurants, where the major risk is from burning fats and oils. These are available in two sizes, 2.0L & 7.0 L.


Features of wet chemical extinguishers include:


> All metal nozzle and valves and steel cylinder

> Easy maintenance and low cost

> Effective on wide range of class A fires

> Highly portable



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Wet Chemical Extinguisher


Mobile Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

The mobile extinguisher range is deployed in high risk areas where there is a lack of additional fire fighting cover. The range is easily used by one person. Mobile units are available with AFFF foam, multi-purpose ABE powder standard, BE powder and carbon dioxide CO2.


> All metal nozzle and valves and steel cylinder

> Easy maintenance and low cost

> Effective on wide range of fires

> Highly portable

> Spec sheet download for mobile wheeled fire extinguishers


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Mobile Extinguishers


Fixed And Swing Type Fire Hose Reels

Test pressure 2000KPa. Working pressure 1500KPa. Nominal hose diameter 19mm. Minimum Discharge rate of 0.45 L/S 220KPa. Installation and commissioning in accordance to AS2441.


Stainless steel hose reel available.


Continuous Flow A-Frame Hose Reel. The BFI continuous flow hose reel is a one man operation which allows immediate and continuous flow of water at all times during deployment of hose.


The reel can be furnished with heavy duty all purpose hose complete with quick acting ball valve and nozzle.


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Hose Reel


Fire Hose Reel Cabinets

The range offers quality sheet metal workmanship with no rough edges, no uneven bends, and no joints out of true. The Trafalgar quality finish is durable - high gloss baked enamel paint with first quality silk screened detail and signage in white.


Providing proper storage for safety equipment is an important part of fire safety preparedness. Our company provides fire cabinets with sturdy construction , bright colouring, and proper signage. All of which helps direct people to vital safety equipment in case of emergencies.


 These cabinets feature either single door or double doors. A single door weatherproof surface mounted hose reel cabinet is best suited to fixed and swinging hose reels - with an easy three step, one man installation. A free standing external cabinet is designed to mount on leg where the hose reel is sited away from a wall or support structure.


 We have various cabinets to fit all your fire safety needs.  We have fire hose reel cabinets, Fire Hatchet Cabinets, and Fire Extinguisher cabinets.  All our products are made with solid metal construction and come with lifetime warranties.



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Fire cabinet


Fire Water Sprinklers

Do you want effective fire suppression without wasting water? Try our company’s line of high efficiency fire sprinklers.

They conserve thousands of litres with each use and still provide the maximum coverage needed to suppress most fires.


The effectiveness of sprinkler systems has brought about the recent regulatory changes which are compelling all aged care facilities to have these systems installed.


Especially in environments such as these we are able to provide the most competitive products with the minimum disruption to the running of these special establishments.


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Sprinkler in ceiling


Fire Blankets

Fire blankets can be an important part of fire prevention in the home. First, they can put out fires that are started in areas such as the kitchen. Due to the generally small size of fires started in the home, use of a fire blanket can be an effective method of extinguishing a fire before it spreads. Fire blankets are especially effective when a person's clothes have caught on fire. Fire blankets can only be used once so be sure to have your fire blankets replaced regularly after each use.


Fire blankets are effective in the kitchen

Fire in the kitchen can quickly burn out of control due to the presence of cooking oils and fats. Our company's fire blankets are designed to extinguish these kinds of Class F fires. Fire blankets work by cutting of the oxygen supply of class F fires eventually smothering them. This is important if your home extinguisher is a Air-Water Extinguisher as water normally exacerbates flammable liquid fires. We make our blankets to Australia's specifications and different sizes to meet your needs as seen below


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Fire Blanket


Fire Safety Signs

Signs are an important part of any emergency equipment. It helps to explain the purpose of safety equipment or warn of potential hazards. Our Company provides quality signs to fit all your safety needs at a reasonable price that won't break your budget.


Our company strives to produce high quality Fire and Emergency Signs that can withstand harsh conditions in any part of Australia and provide clear understandable labels for vital emergency equipment.


> Rugged and durable material

> Bold and exact images to explain purpose and instructions

> Special no slip adhesive allows signs to be affixed on many types of surfaces

> Signs For All your Emergency and Fire Safety Needs


Our company prides itself on providing quality signs to help meet your fire and safety requirements. All our signs meet Australian fire safety regulations and ordinances. Our signs also are made to withstand all types on conditions and weather to provide proper identification of safety equipment anywhere it is needed.


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Smoke Alarms and Detectors

A good smoke alarm is the first line of defence against fires. One should be installed in every room and hallway for maximum effect. Alarms should also be checked on a regular basis to make sure they will work in the event of an emergency. Most alarms have a test light that helps with this function.


Types of Smoke Alarms

Our company provides alarms to suit what ever environment needs smoke detection. Below is a list of our offerings and their functions


Ionization Smoke Alarms

This type of smoke alarm detects invisible combustible particles. It is particularly effective in detecting quick starting fires that produce little smoke.


Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

This type of smoke alarm detects visible combustible particles such as from overheated wiring or a smoldering fire.


Our Smoke Alarms come with test buttons for easy testing and a low battery alert.


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Smoke Detector
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