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Fire Equipment Maintenance

The performance of a fire protection system depends not only on the quality of the product, but in the quality of its maintenance program.

All fire equipment must be maintained in accordance with Australian standards.


For any equipment to perform at maximum efficiency, particularly in an emergency, it must be meticulously serviced and tested at regular intervals to ensure it works if and when you might need it.


Redmen has a 24/7 emergency repair service for our customers. Coming to you within 1 hour. Our maintenance team can repair and service a full range of equipment and fire systems whether it is extinguisher testing and refills to maintaining large scale suppression  systems. Our expert technicians work with a minimum of intrusion into the running of your business whilst ensuring your systems are ready for deployment should the need ever arise.


Our specialist areas of maintenance (inspection, testing, service & maintenance) include:Extinguisher Check


> Fire sprinkler systems

> Thermal and smoke alarm systems

> Fire hydrant and hose reel systems

> Emergency warning and evacuation systems

> Occupant warning systems

> Fixed & portable fire extinguishers

> Fire doors & frames

> Exit & Emergency lighting

> Gas suppression systems

> Restaurant suppression systems

> Pump sets (diesel & electric)

> Water storage


There are more than 30 identified Fire Safety Installations that need to be regularly Inspected and Tested according to agreed standards, and in particular, the Australian Standard AS1851-2005 for Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment. Maintenance Records must be produced on demand by an authorised Fire Officer.


A number of the Fire Safety Installations are seen as critical to the safety systems in  a building and are referred to as Special Fire Services. The results of the testing of Special Fire Services must be recorded in a Certificate of Maintenance which must be forwarded to the Commissioner of the Fire Service within each 12 month period following the first test.


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